Some of my other gadgets and inventions:

Since my '72 Chevy Blazer gets 8 miles per gallon, I have become a big fan of the 2 wheeler. I feel most of the gas pumped into my Blazer goes to move the Blazer, not me. It takes a lot less energy to transport one person, than one auto. I try to ride to work every day: rain, snow, or shine. I allow myself one tank of gas per month, and ride the rest of the time. In short, I would rather spend my money on toys than on gas:)

The bike e recumbent is great; except for on the uphills!! I added a 22cc motor to assist. It has on the fly shifting to engage the spindle against the rear wheel. It travels about 23 mph unassisted. It also features a K & N air intake and velocity stack. The spindle size can be changed for more torque. I like the gadgets, it has a stereo, panniers, computer, headlight, taillight, mirror, etc.

My most notable invention was the "Runner Kit" for Bike Trailers. It converts the trailer into a jogger/stroller.

We already had a trailer, but my wife wanted a jogger for the kids. I could not see the sense in storing two units, so I added a third wheel,brakes and handlebars on the trailer. It was the first one on the market, now it is being marketed worldwide.

Though I was very excited about selling the marketing rights and product to S. Winchester's originals, I was most excited to see my invention on the front of a magazine!

Below is the Ski-wheeler. It is a wheel and handles that fit onto a stand-up Jet-ski to allow you to wheel it like a wheel-barrow. In fact, I got the idea from the wheel-barrow. The Jet-ski is tough for one person to move on land unassisted. This allows you to load in back of pickups and up ramps. Kawasaki Motors originally agreed to buy it, but the market changed from stand-up Jet-ski's to sit downs, I am still a fan of the stand up Jet-ski!

It's all down hill from my house to the boat launch:) I built this trailer to haul my Jet-ski to the launch. Going down is not bad, but the the trip back is tough!


This is a Dahon fold-up bike. I use mine for travelling and commuting. It folds up and fits in a standard suitcase. It will also fit in my bike trailer, in case I need to transport an extra bike.


These are the new Venice Scooters; Mine is the center one on top. This Hog has 49cc and gets 92 mpg!! It is a retro of the old Vespa's.

This is the Go-ped Liquimatic, I am an authorized dealer for Go-peds.

I just bought this EV Warrior hybrid bike. It has a 24 volt motor on the back for those tough to climb hills. It was originally manufactured by Bricklin, who made the Gull-Wing sports car in the 80's. It features headlights, brake lights, computer, energy consumption gauge, mirrors with integrated L.E.D. turn signals hidden behind the reflective glass of the mirror. It will cruise at about 18mph unassisted.

More pictures of assorted toys and the Blazer:


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